Friday, March 13, 2015

HSM: March 15 - Stashbusting

Is it me or do I look like a White Walker in this picture...?

Oh well.  This month my challenge was so easy I felt a bit guilty about it.  What is one to do with 1 yard of red cotton velvet and a weirdly shaped scrap of muslin?  Odd Regency era turban-cap-beret combination, of course!

At least I did it entirely by hand so I didn't feel TOO bad.  Regency isn't really my area of expertise, but I feel like I could squeeze some use out of this in the 1790s for sure.

I used this awesome page from the Oregon Regency Society for help.

There was a feather in it originally, but somehow it turned the whole thing into a very 16th century-esque cap, and I don't need one of those at the moment.  Good to know for future Rennaisance Fairs, however!  I wish I had a picture of it... but then again I don't.  T'was ridiculous.

Williamsburg trip things are coming along but I seem to have taken a wild detour into 1950s vintage.  I entirely blame marathoning Call the Midwife while *convalescing.*  I can't wait to have my daughter model some of the things, though.  So. Cute.

Be well and have a lovely weekend!

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