Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Almost Autumn OR Forget Pumpkin Everything, I Need a Nap

It's truly amazing how quickly time goes by when you barely have time to breathe!  July was the worst: reenactments and market set-ups every week, sewing constantly and feeling like I'm getting nowhere, etc.  August, I'm realizing, has basically not existed.  I feel like it just started, and yet here I am staring at September in a few days!  Honestly?  Good riddance, August.  I need a break!

One of my 1950s aprons--heading to my Etsy as soon as I get a minute!

HSM: April, May, June, & July 15

Playing Catch-up!  I managed to submit all of these on time through the Facebook group (and May's challenge snuck into my last post) but I'm still *attempting* to document my challenge progress here!

April: War & Peace 

Initially, I was going to make my husband's new regimental coat--but then I ran out of time.  This is an ongoing theme of my summer!