Monday, January 5, 2015

Trip to Williamsburg 2015


Virginia is still my home despite being carted around the country by my sailor for 7 years, so any time I get to go back is excellent.  This time, though, I get to travel to Colonial Williamsburg--ostensibly for my daughter's birthday.  You'd think living minutes away for such a long time would make me sick of that place, but how could anyone ever not want to traipse around in the 18th century? I will be happy to go back as many times as I possibly can.

Of course, being even more into historical costuming than I was back then, it's important that I devise a wardrobe for my family (and quickly since I've only got about 2.5 months oops). Since the original excuse to go was my daughter's birthday, I've started planning hers first.

From Colonial Williamsburg

I've seen this fabric so many times in the last few years, but I never really liked it--until today.  Scanning the new offerings of the online Williamsburg Marketplace, I happened to see that this is not only a reproduction print, but one that came from a toddler's gown.  That pretty much sold it to me, since the daughter in question is soon to be 2. Now that I'm imagining what I will make with it (and yes, it's already on its way here) I kind of love it!

Things I plan to make for her:

- Shift, probably in linen/cotton blend because I've got loads of it
- Stays, corded boning, and not even remotely tight--I may skip these if I'm on a time crunch
- Cap, most likely round-eared because that's my favorite
- Gown & Sash, in the purple ink blot fabric, possibly with leading strings, plus a cotton sash
- Stockings, which I am totally cheating (because I hate knitting) by cutting up some grey organic cotton tights and stitching up the tops
- Garters, either embroidered linen or just straight up linen tape.

I'm not sure what to do about shoes.  Her feet grow at the speed of light so I don't adore the idea of getting her reproduction shoes just yet.  I'll have to report back!

Until then, here is my Pinterest board with all of my ideas for her.

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