Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Allaire Village Reenactment 2015

I apologize for the delay--I know Tuesday is not Friday, but I have an excuse! We had a marvelous weekend at Allaire and it was really, really hard going back to "real life" yesterday.  My brain is currently all fuzzed up from allergies (thank you, nature!) so that wasn't helping.

Of course, picture evidence...

On this day the gentlemen were acting as Royal Artillery--in the wrong uniforms.

It's okay though; they died anyway.
Photo courtesy of Al Pochek

the little princess learning her ABCs courtesy of the commander's wife
Photo courtesy of Al Pochek

I could not be more thrilled with how her gown came out--especially since it's 100% hand stitched.  I'm very glad I left a lot of fabric on the interior so I can let it out when as she grows, probably until she's about 5.
Photo courtesy of Al Pochek

This green dress started as a mockup of the purple blot gown, but it came out better than expected so I added it to her wardrobe.  I never put in eyelets though so I had to sew her into it on the second day!  I love it anyway.  I also love the 18th century economizing that went into it--the fabric is leftover from curtains I made last year!

Today I am back to work sewing away, but things aren't going too well with that.  I was making a vintage-inspired christening gown, and I chose the large size of the pattern just because when my daughter was baptized it was during her roly-poly 5 month old phase.  After putting it together however I realized it is massive.  It's actually too big for my tall 2-year-old, and of course extra long (by about a foot) because it's a gown for *infants*... I'm not sure who this was made to fit, because anyone able to wear it would definitely need a shorter skirt or they'd be unable to walk.  Ah well.  I chopped it up and made a nice summer dress instead. 

Happy sewing!


  1. Love the girl's gowns! I *must* finish the one I'm working on--so much cute in such a small package!

  2. Thank you! It's so much fun to sew for her--the gowns are so small it's almost instant gratification.