Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Almost Autumn OR Forget Pumpkin Everything, I Need a Nap

It's truly amazing how quickly time goes by when you barely have time to breathe!  July was the worst: reenactments and market set-ups every week, sewing constantly and feeling like I'm getting nowhere, etc.  August, I'm realizing, has basically not existed.  I feel like it just started, and yet here I am staring at September in a few days!  Honestly?  Good riddance, August.  I need a break!

One of my 1950s aprons--heading to my Etsy as soon as I get a minute!

I'm really enjoying the learning experience that is setting up at an open air market.  It's difficult, and because I'm new I don't have much of a following, but at least I broke even on my entry fee!  Truthfully, getting my shop out there and not losing money was my ultimate goal, and I've met that.  Everything from here on out is just going in the Fabric Fund!

I don't get much traffic, but that's lots of time for sewing!

Initially I was sad the market would end at the beginning of September, but I understand why now.  People need time to reboot!  Thinking about all the projects I will (hopefully) get through during the autumn and winter is really, really exciting, and then I'll be ready for next year!

With all these events, my 18th century wardrobe has been beaten up quite a bit.  My stays have stretched so much that, even laced closed, they're only just tight enough!  They're front and back lacing, so I just took 2 inches from the front, and 2 inches from the back.  I lost my original lacing holes, but as I bound them in the most half-assed way possible this was for the best.  I ended up ripping off all the binding as well as several bones were broken and needed replacing, so I'm looking forward (ahem) to doing that over again.  Also, clearly I didn't do a good job dying them--they WERE dusty pink... once.

So ugly!  But I would really like to hold off making new ones as long as possible...
 The heat has been ridiculous.  It's not actually that hot (high 90s, max) but the humidity is making it unbearable.  I've put away my daughter's nice gown to let it out for next year and I slapped together a very quick white summer gown for her.  I can't find my actual camera (!!!) and there's nothing good on my phone, but I'll update with that when I can.  It's so cute, and she seems so much more comfortable!

The gown is constructed of about 6 pieces: 2 sleeves, 2 gussets, a front, and a back.  The bodice section of the gown is heavily pleated to allow for growth; since I made this in July I've already had to let it out!  It has one giant growth pleat at the bottom because I am lazy and would rather repeatedly hem than fiddle with even more pleats.  It ties in the back, and I bought a strip of red silk dupioni for a sash.  The silk was a great find; it was a remnant at my local craft store, and miraculously had like ONE slub.  $5 for almost-taffeta? Yes please.
Can you tell I hate using pins?  This is because a 2 year old lives here.
More mending!
Another thing going on is having several custom orders at once, so I really ought to get back to those!

Happy sewing. :)

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