Friday, February 20, 2015

Williamsburg 2015 Progress

I suppose we can all just forget my pledge to post more?

But never mind that!  This is far more exciting:

Please disregard the embroidery floss drawstring--my cotton tape hadn't arrived yet!

The little lady of the house has a completed gown--and she loves it.  The whole time I was sewing (which was a long time; it's completely hand stitched) I was so paranoid she would hate it and refuse to wear it.  Fortunately for everyone, she was completely thrilled and wore it most of the day.  I ended up pulling the skirt through the pocket slits as it's a bit too long, but that just turned out looking a bit like a gown retrouss√© dans les poches, which I'm totally fine with.

I also made a shift, stays, and pocket (not pictured) for the Historical Sew Monthly January challenge--so she's basically set.

This green gown was a mockup, but I love it so much I went ahead and completed it--18th century toddlers need backup clothes too, right?

 I haven't taken any pictures of my own gown yet, but I'm nearly done with it! We just might make it to Williamsburg dressed properly after all.

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