Saturday, January 3, 2015

Resolution: Post More

I'm not sure why I thought starting a blog in the midst of doing homemade gifts for Christmas was a good idea.  Apart from the trousers I made my husband for said holiday I'd barely sewed a single stitch until a few days ago (more on that later)!  My initial intention for this blog was to post every Friday, but Fridays keep happening without my notice.  I resolve to try harder.

In other news, a historical Christmas was had.

Christmas was really nice.  Usually my husband, daughter, & I travel to see family, but that was not in the plans of the Universe this year.  Instead we stayed home and spent the day very quietly together, finishing up with "A Christmas Story" dinner of Chinese food, because Whole Foods failed me and my turkey was not fit for cooking.  Seriously, my whole apartment smelled like  not-all-that-fresh-dead-bird for hours.  I never should have given up vegetarianism!

I received some absolutely perfect gifts this year (NANKEENS!) and I probably have American Duchess's awesome annual christmas lists for that.  To her I'd love to say thank you, because opening a meat thermometer Christmas morning (true story) is always a bit weird.

Silver Thimble

Needle Case of Gloriousness

Edwardian necklace

I hope everyone had a lovely December, and Happy New Year.  I'll see you Friday!

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