Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Failure

I've lost count how many times I've ripped open seams on my robe à l'anglaise at this point, but at least the back is coming along.

I had an entirely different pleating pattern in the mockup, but this one seems to be more common...? 

 The shoulders are an entirely different story.

The really annoying part is that I made my armscyes WAY too wide somehow (wider than my mockup...?) so the sleeves are a bit odd.  I don't have evidence of that right now since upon taking these pictures I'd ripped off one of the sleeves... but you'll see when I'm done.  It's just very frustrating because there's not really a way to fix what I did short of some very ugly piecing or redoing the bodice...and I don't have enough fabric for that.  Oh well!  I'll chock it up to a learning experience.

In other news I'm 98% finished with my husband's tissue linen shirt for this summer, so that's good!

Happy sewing to all!

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